Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day & Top 2 Tues.

Top Two things you love about Fall

1.  The cooler weather, and opening all my windows.
2.  Football.  Not a huge fan of watching it on TV, but high school football. The sound of the band playing,  Homecoming mums, the Friday buzz.  It all brings back such sweet memories.  Then there is taking Saturday afternoon naps listening to the sounds of the announcer and the refs. whistle blowing while Darin watches College Football.  Putting on our maroon and white to go watch the Aggies play at my parents house. It reminds me of going to College Station and watching my brother play in the band at Kyle Field. 

Friday I was home with Madie and it was cloudy outside.  A perfect overcast day and I could hear the band practicing for the nights game.  The cadence of the drums playing in the background was relaxing.  Sounds of  shotguns in the background was mixed in and just as soothing.  Yes, to this Texas girl the sounds of guns firing in the back ground is a sweet sound.  It is the opening of dove season.  I hear that and  I am a kid again at my great grandparents farm house waking up to the smell of granny cooking breakfast and the sound of the sheep bleating in the pasture beside my open window.  The cool breeze is blowing in the sweet smell of wet the dewy ground and I can smell the fall air.  Growing up we spent every labor day at my grandparents and great grandparents homes.  Fall also brings back such sweet memories of the buzz that fall Fridays brought when I was in high school.  Pep-rallies, football games, after game dances.  Listening the sound of the drums coming from the band and the announcer could be heard from my house because we lived by the school.   Fall flowers,  and scarecrows take over Hobby Lobby along with the ribbons for Homecoming Mums.   I loved watching my mother make them growing up.  I loved wearing the Homecoming mums and the excitement of the Homecoming Dance.  Then for a couple of years I loved getting to help my neighbor make her daughter's. She has no idea what they were and it was neat to get to share my tradition and get to help her.  I can't wait to get to do that when my kids are old enough.  Hopefully they will still be in style to wear. Are Homecoming Mums just a Texas thing?  Fall reminds me of listening to country music, wearing boots and riding around in a boys pick up trucks.  Remember I grew up in Texas and wearing boots was not a Cowboy dress up day for school. 
It was August that I started dating my husband, Darin.  Our love story started in the fall.  I met his family when I spent Labor Day weekend with them in Wimberly 15 years ago.  Fridays brought a different excitement as I would wait for him to come each weekend from his school to see me.  Or I would travel to Belton to go see him.  Just hearing the song, "Dust on the Bottle" takes me back to days of running around in his blue pick up truck driving the back roads between Temple and Belton.  


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

great picks! love the story and love the song dust on the bottle! me and my hubs have so many songs that bring us back to our days like that!

MKS said...

I may or may not have already commented, but my computer was messing up this holiday weekend so I can't be sure.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I am following you back because I think your blog is awesome!
Happy Tuesday. :)

Annie said...

i love sleeping with the windows open in the fall as well!! and i guess i just LOVE everything about fall in general ;)

p.s. cute blog, new follower!!

Jenny C said...

Loved this post! I am with you on the whole football thing :) I just love it! Thanks for sharing these fun pictures of you and Darin!

Christa said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! :) Cannot wait for Fall weather! I'm an Aggie too!! I'm graduating this December!