Friday, September 10, 2010

Feature Friday

Feature Friday
 I am doing my feature Friday again.  I love to introduce to my blogging world the people that mean something to me.  Today I am featuring my beautiful sister-in-law Stephanie.  She is married to my littlest brother Shane. It is funny because I was almost named Stephanie.  It was hard enough when my sister-in-laws came along and took the last name Helm.  I was a little territorial that I was the only Helm girl of the family and now that was not my last name.  But to have two Stephanie Helm's would have been weird.   It took me a little while to get to know Stephanie because she is so quiet.  When I mean quiet I mean, I can have a one sided conversation with her.  I really think she had to get use to me too.  I bet her ears would ring when she left me.  In my house growing up that was something we were not use to.  I think that is why she is perfect for my brother Shane.  Stephanie has always loved my babies and been wonderful with them.  She could love on and cuddle Madie since she was born.  She helped me so much this weekend while Darin was out of town and Madie was sick by taking Dalton for two days.  Then Sunday night we were both getting ready to go out to dinner and Madie started crying, she was there.  It heard a really troubling cry and I thought she was going to be sick.  She was screaming that her tummy hurt.  When I took her to the bathroom she did not want to sit on the toilet or lean over it to throw up.  It was not a normal cry and it scared me because I thought maybe it was her appendix.  Stephanie is a nurse so I called her to come help me.  When I laid Madie down I herd that gurgle noise that told me she was fixing to throw up. I rush her to the bathroom and nothing happened.  She kept crying.  That worried Stephanie and she grabbed Madie and rushed her to the bed to check her stomach with the same concern about her appendix.  The next  I hear is Madie projectile vomit all over Stephanie.  I tried to warn her.  I knew that noise.  Stephanie just stood there a moment and then smiled and asked Madie, "Do you feel better now?"  She did not freak out or bat and eye.  I took Madie to clean her up and she went to clean herself.  I knew that was a special kind of aunt.  I would not have been as calm if another persons kid puked all over me.  I was not that good of an aunt in my 20s either.  When crisis happens you want someone as cool and calm as Stephanie there with you.  She is a very patient and loving wife with my brother.  Shane is the entertainer and you never know what is going to come out of his mouth next.  Stephanie just rolls with it.  She is going to make a great mom someday.  She has fit into our family well over the last few years.  Even though I think we completely overwhelm her with how loud and talkative we can all be.  My favorite is all the shopping trips we have already made together.  That is the most fun times I have had with my two sister in laws. I never had a sister but I love going to church and being known as the three Helm girls.  It is very sweet to  worship with each week and do life with my sister-in-laws.  Even if they both like to remind me I am the oldest. 


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Crystal said...

She is a great gal!!! You have great in-laws, Nocona!!!!

Jenny Helm said...

What a sweet, sweet post! Love you and Stephanie both! :)

Inspiring You To Save! said...

Visiting from the Blog Hops! I love your site. I can't wait to get to know you better. Stop by when you get the chance. I have a Meet Me Monday blog hop and I would love if you could join in.