Friday, August 6, 2010

So Inspired! Feature Friday

I have been in the middle of qualifications to becoming a director with Mary Kay.  So there has not been a lot of blogging time.   The last few month have been a wave of emotions, stress and big stories of victory.  God has been teaching me through his word about diligence and persistence as a growth of faith.  I will be blogging about my thoughts over the next few post.  But before I can have perseverance I have to have motivation.  I just got back from Seminar and I have to tell you how much I LOVE Seminar every year! It was fun going this year because I was a size smaller and had an entire new look.

Today I want to feature a new friend of mine Joy. Joy was the Queen last year of our National area and in the Queen's Court of Sales for the Saphire Seminar top 20! After talking with Joy I learned that the year she did this she had survived a brain tumor and home schooled three young children, two with disabilities.  She has one with autism and one with anger issues. As I talked with her I thought, "So what was my excuse now?"  Here is the picture of the top three with our National Sales Director in her last Seminar before retirement. 
This year Joy came back to Seminar and had not only done the Queen's Court of Sales again but now was the number two in Sales for the entire Saphire Seminar.  The Queen was not in attendance at Seminar and Joy got to give a speech. In it she thanked her family and talked about each of her children and what they had taught her.  Her oldest has taught her patience because of all the needs of her younger siblings.  She spoke of how proud she was of her.  Then she explained how her son with autism and taught her what persistence and determination looked like and thanked him for his positive attitude.  It was what she said about her last one with the anger issues.  She talked about how much she loved him and how even when things got broken in her home that God was using that to teach her not to be materialistic over earthly things.  Having three strong willed children all 8 and younger and a husband who works long hours, I thought these were good excuses as to why I had not completed all of my goals.  After getting to know Joy I need to make my children my reasons not my excuses. 
Seminar really inspired me this year and I thought I would share this years goals:

Finish Directorship Sept.1!!!
Complete the Queens Court of Sales top 20! Selling $50,000 this year!
Queen of Recruiting in the Saphire Seminar with 50 new qualified team members!
$300,000 Unit Club with my new unit!

These are some big goals but I a ready to grow and see God show up in a big way!


BlessedMama said...

This is a great post! God is Great! Good Luck on your Goals, you can do it!

Crystal said...

Love the post. Very proud of you. You have come a long way and going to go a long way. I know you can do it. LOVE YA.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved the post...You might know my friend Nancy Berlin...
A few hours of Sunday blog hopping. Hope you will stop by for a visit...I am giving away gifts on both of my blogs this week, all week....
Happy Sunday

Debbie said...

I am so excited for you! With your attitude, how could you not succeed?