Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quick Post

I am not feeling well today! Those of you out in blog land reading this if you could please pray.  Now is not the time for me to get sick.  I only need 7 more people to add or get active on my team to finish directorship and I am pushing to finish it this week!  My head is pounding, my chest is burning and I ache all over!  I really wanted to play on Taylor @ Undomestic Goddess today with her Top 2 Tuesday.  But really don't have time today.  So I thought I would just post a music video of a new song that I love.  I am not a huge Pink fan but I love her voice on this song and I love the words to this song.  Plus I gotta give the girl props. She not only nailed every note of the song singing live but she does it while swinging in the air! One more side note! I love all of my new followers and am super excited to get to 80! JUST 1 MORE!  Enjoy this song. 


Crystal said...

That is my favorite song of Pink's, too!!! She did a really good job at the Emmy's. I will pray for you for not only this but other things (wrist, anxiety, sleep, etc) :) LOVE YOU DEARLY!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Sorry you are sick...I did something I have not done in ages...I read your blog and back posts for over an hour yesterday...and really enjoyed it...You are a great writer..I am adding you to my sidebar....so I won't miss any posts on your journey to your goal..

Kelsey Claire said...

I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. Praying that you are felling better soon!