Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Day of School

There are so many blog posts going on in my head that I want to write and very little time to write it all out.  I am so excited to report that we are down to needing two more qualified team members (Placing $600 wholesale orders) and about $1500 in production to come to finish directorship!  I am excited but I wish I was done today.  Today marks the last 7 days to the month and I feel the clock ticking.  But, Our God is faithful and I am can't wait to see where it comes from and how He chooses to wrap this up. 
The first day of school brought a mixture of emotions.  Mainly excitement because keeping up with all three kids, business and our house alone has been overwhelming.  I did get a little teary eyed yesterday taking my excited little 5 year old to her classroom.  It is a new stage of life with another one starting school.  It was hard getting everyone to bed on time and up early the next morning. In fact Dalton woke me up at 1:00 am fully dressed and wanting to know why I was not up yet. 
The kids have been so hyper and full of energy since we went to back to school night last Thursday and I could not get them to school fast enough Monday morning. This is going to interesting getting two ready and out the door on time.  Girls have a lot more prep time that boys even at a young age. 
Brighton's dress was made by her grandmother for school.  Mimi made her 5 little dresses for school this year. 
Daddy got to help us get ready and prayed over them before we left the house.  I love this picture. 
There were some tears as we left but not over going to school and being left at home. Maddie cried because she did not want to get up and wanted to go back to bed.
It is really neat that my kids go to the same Elementary School that I went to and where Nonna teaches.  Dalton will actually be in her grade level and his classroom is right next door.  So yesterday morning we had to stop by her classroom for hugs. 
I am so excited about Dalton's teacher this year because I have known her since we were in Jr. High. It is going to make delivering her Mary Kay easier too.  She has a check for her product in his take home folder when he got home. 
I did not get a picture of Brighton with her teacher because another student was having a melt down over her mother leaving her.  I am so thankful that I do not have shy children.  It would have made leaving her so hard.  She could not get there fast enough.  The entire process of getting a new back pack, lunch box and supplies has just made her more and more excited. 
When we got back in the car Maddie announces.  "I am your only child."  She was so content to play by herself all morning.  We ate lunch together and she was a different child with out the other two.  Errands went so smoothly and quickly getting only one child in and out of the car. I did realize last night some of the draw back to having two in school now though.  There is double the paperwork to fill out and it all the same information.  Double the cost for school supplies, lunch and school expenses.  Double the time getting lunches made in the morning and breakfast.  It is going to be interesting when all three are going to school. 


Crystal said...

Awe. I LOVE the pic of the kids praying with Darin!! That is my favorite, priceless! I am praying for a great close of this month! And praying for a great opening for the month of Sept! You are a great Mom.

Jenny C said...

Love these kids! They are growing up so fast!!! So neat that Darin was able to pray for them on their first day of school.