Friday, July 2, 2010

A Very Hard Week with a Very Good Ending

This week has been a terrible, no good very bad week that progressively just got worse as the week carried on. But this week had a very good ending!  I am not going to go into all of the details because it is over now. (Thank the Lord!) I am in qualifications to becoming a director with Mary Kay and things fell very short and we made it into the next month by the skin of our teeth.  As I frantically worked to make up the difference in our production and finish the minimums of the month, the stress of my husbands job made him crack and he took it out on the entire family.  He has since apologized and even helped me get my newest team member, but things were tense around the Koenig house this week.  This was topped off by while I was putting in a new team members order at her apartment my daughter announces that she needs to go potty.  I ran her upstairs to their bathroom thinking no one was home and not being warned that anyone was home upstairs. I  walked in on her roommates boyfriend completely naked going to the bathroom! I saw enough to know he was not dressed and escaped running back down stairs with my little one still needing to go potty.  It was a first for me in my Mary Kay career!  I ended the week while I was out running errands blowing out the side of my favorite pair of flip flops and it was heavily raining.  Then getting a speeding ticket on Thursday morning. I was so sad Tuesday nights watching all the status updates of people I knew that were at the midnight showing of Eclipse.  My girlfriends and I had purchased tickets for July 1st.  I could not justify going before June was over because I was working.  Thursday seemed so far away.  I could not wait to see the movie!  So to reward my hard work my wonderful sister-law, Jenny treated me to the early bird showing Thursday morning at 10:15 with popcorn and drink included! Or my she bought tickets to see it with my brother and he did not want to go and I was her second choice. Seeing the movie 10:15 two days after it opened was not the same vibe as seeing New Moon at the midnight showing with 2000 other anxiously waiting fans with all of their various Twilight shirts.  We sported our Team Edward shirts proudly.  But I think we were the only ones. It was fun to see it with Jenny though.  She was so sweet to think of me and wanted to see the movie with me.  She had to work and could not go with our girls group for the Thursday showing.  I love my Jenny!
Thursday night I went with the rest of my gals over to Alamo Draft House to see the movie again.  Yes, I saw Eclipse twice in one day and had two different shirts for the two viewings.   So I sported my new shirt and headed out! This theater was a restaurant and we ate during the movie.  I don't think I can go back to a regular movie theater after this. 

Stephanie had the best shirt of the night although Jasper was so good in the movie I wanted a Jasper shirt like Vanessa got. 
My thoughts on the movie will be saved for another blog post.  I wanted to feature my Twilight Home girls that made my movie experience so awesome and a fun ending to what started as a rough week.


Jenny Helm said...

Love you! I kept thinking during the movie - it's so perfect that I'm here with Nocona!! :)

Crystal said...

I am sorry you had a rough week. I am glad that Jenny treated you to your favorite saga! That was awesome of her.

Melanie said...

Oh Nocona - I shouldn't be laughing, but I am! That WAS a terrible week, but you are so funny in describing it! So glad you had fun with the girls! (I am TOTALLY out of the loop on the whole Twilight thing, though. Can we still be friends? ;-) )

Nocona said...

Sure Melanie! This Twilight has replaced my Gone with the Wind Obesssion from Highschool.

Trixie and Tess said...

CUTE!! I love all of the shirts!!