Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Little Man

Dalton has been at his Aunt Wee's house since last Friday.  He will not be home until Tuesday and I miss him!  He is 8 now and thinks he is grown.  He is in heaven with my teenage nephews! He is in guy land full of Halo, Guitar Hero and I am sure plenty of burping and farting jokes.  He has hung with the big boys all week and I can tell when I talk to him on the phone.  He called me a punk for going to see Eclipse with out him and wanted to know all about the wolves and the Harry Potter preview that I saw!  He must have felt so grown getting to go see Toy Story 3 in 3D with his 19 & 16 year old cousins.  I fully warned them to buckle him up, not let him go to the theater bathroom on his own and not to let him wander off by himself.  I know that I was 19 when I use to take these two boys on outings when they were 6 & 4 but, girls view things differently.  When warning my nephew about this, he jokingly buts in with, "So the beer I bought to give him is out?"  Just wait until this nephew has a kids of his own and we will see how he feels. 
Speaking of the whole bathroom thing, I have a question to pose to other mother's of boys out there.  Dalton is 8 now and does not want to go into the restroom with me when we are in public.  I get that, but I am just not ready to send my 8 year old little boy into the big men's bathroom all on his own.  We have all heard the horror stories and what can happen to little boys in men's bathrooms.  I swore I would not be that over protective mom but if I don't protect him who will?  If I had more than one little boy to send together I think it would be different.  I get the funny looks for women in the YMCA locker room and bathrooms.  I understand that he is getting too old to go with me.  But did anyone else struggle with this?  The icing on the cake was the other day when we were in Walmart and Madie announces, "I need to go potty!"  I think it is ingrained in her little body that every time we are in Target or Walmart and at the furthest place in the store away from the bathroom that she needs to go right then.  So I left my half full cart out side the bathroom and lugged all three into the restroom against Dalton's will.  I could not leave him alone outside the bathroom? I took both girls into the stall and hear Dalton out side of the stall, "T-t-tame.T-t-tame-pon. Tamepon. Hey mom what's a tamepon?"  I went three shades of red and heard another lady in a stall stiffel a giggle.  "Don't worry about it Dalton." I called from the restroom while struggling the get Madie's pants up with out her touching the toilet seat. "But mom they are selling them in this bathroom.  Is it for girls?"
I hurriedly tried to get the girls hands washed at a sink that is too tall and get out of the bathroom as fast as I can.  "Mom what are they for? What is a Tampon?" I was a blank for an answer and very embarrassed. "Please don't Dalton. It is not something for you to worry about." Then his impish smile crossed over his face starting at the corner of his little mouth as he spoke. "Oh I get it Mommy.  It is something inappropriate to talk about isn't it?"  
Ah the adventures of Motherhood!   


Jenny Childress said...

hahaha TAMEPON??? that is hilarious!!! Love him and cant wait to be a mom!

Pipesville said...

Okay, as a mom of three boys, I would stand outside the men's bathroom door and kind of lean on it so it was open a smidge and talk to them the whole time they were in there. Most men understood and didn't object. Ignore the obnoxious 19 year old who is taking after his daddy. I would never do stuff like that. :D Your little man said this morning he was ready to come home tomorrow. See you then.

Cindy said...

I totally understand the whole bathroom thing...thank goodness I have 4 boys to send in together!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a hard issue- we went through the same thing when my boys were that age....

I just told them as honestly as I could that, unfortunately there are people in this world who do harmful things to children and a bathroom is a place where that could happen. So, they needed to understand that there would be some places where they would be allowed to go to the boys bathroom (i.e. if it was a 'one seater' or if I could stick my foot in the door, etc) but that there would also be some places that they would have to go to the women's restroom (i.e. airports, malls, etc).

Now that I have a 12 year old (Yikes!), he gets to take little brother to the restroom :-) And just last week Tanner went in to a public bathroom and walked right back out because he said someone in there made him feel uncomfortable- we were traveling which meant we had to find another place to stop. He asked me if I was upset about stopping again and I said, 'No, absolutely not- you followed your intuition and that is exactly what you should have done.'