Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Night Football

I have never been a huge football fan. (As much as my husband wishes I was.) I prefer college football. I have never really understood how a man could watch a Friday night highschool football game, College Football all day on Saturday and then Pro games on Sunday and Monday. Now they even have football on Thursday nights. But as a little girl I loved Sunday or Monday night football when the Cowboys played. But, not because I enjoyed watching it. I have always had trouble going to sleep at night. When I was a little girl I was terribly afraid of the dark and sleeping alone. I remember how I would literally have anxiety trying to fall asleep before my dad went to bed at night. In my mind when Daddy went to bed that is when the real monsters could get me or the robbers could come in. As long as he was awake and I could hear him moving around our small house, I felt safer. He would stay up late to watch the Cowboy games when they played no mater how late the game ran. From my room I could hear the dull sounds of the game coming from our living room and see the faint flicker of the TV. My dad was never an armchair quarter back and does not talk to the TV during football games. (Like my husband.) But, when the Cowboys (or the Aggies) make a good play my dad still sits up at the edge of his seat and had this excited rhythm he claps. It is always this fast clap, clap, clap, clap, clap and then he sits back and continues watching the game. I just enjoy watching the game now with my dad because that clap is one of the peaceful sounds from my childhood. It meant the Cowboys were winning, daddy was still awake and I had extra time to safely fall asleep.
As an adult I still have trouble falling asleep at night. That is when things that have been weighing in the back of my mind during the day begin to creep back in. These monsters are money stress, personal problems that are going on and all of those things we all face. At night they are bigger and more looming like the monsters in the closest that don't seem so big in the light of day. My Daddy can't protect me from or fix these monsters that loom over me. But I have a heavenly father that does not sleep. He can and wants to fix all of it. He is bigger than any monster that hides in my closest and he sooths the storm in my soul. I have even discovered over the last few weeks that I can pray and ask Him to literally put me to sleep at night. Isn't God good? His Fatherhood is one of my favorite characteristics of His.

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Crystal said...

When Darrell traveled overseas, and I was left alone, I was scared when ever there was a tornado watch, especially during a thunderstorm. I couldn't go to sleep at night, afraid that a tornado would come through while I was sleeping. I would have to pray for God's hand to "rock" me to sleep. It always worked because God was there for me and comforted me.....and rocked me to sleep.

I know exactly what you mean!