Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet Memory

I am pretending like this is a Tuesday post and I am not posting twice in one day. I had to blog about the sweetest thing that happened this morning. Being a mom of a boy that is growing up has had some things to adjust to. After they turn 5 life changes. My oldest is 7 now and time had flown by. He is and I think always will me a mama's boy and I love that, but sometimes I think he is unsure how he relates to me. Having two little sisters and one that totally demands my time, because she is two, I think is hard for him. At one moment I think he wants to be the baby of the family and be cuddled like Madie does. Then at other times he wants to be a "man" that would rather pick at me than show me any sweetness. This is especially true when in public like dropping him off for school. Normally he will hop out of the car saying a quick goodbye and dash in the door. If I am real lucky I will get a thumbs up as I drive off. But his favorite is to stick his tongue out playfully before flashing his mischievous grin as I drive off. This is just Dalton. Always playful, and always entertaining. If he kisses it is too hard or tackles us with his hugs. But this morning he was in a great mood. He got up, got ready and it was a smooth routine of getting him to school. Now, having children who are old enough to understand what is being played on the radio has eliminated a lot of morning radio shows to listen to in the morning. K-love had nothing that we could sing along to, so I put in a worship CD and played his favorite song. There is really nothing sweeter to hear that your children's sweet voices singing praises. As we went into the line and the lady opened the door to let Dalton out and greeted him warmly. I turned to make sure he had unbuckled and gathered his backpack. As I was telling him good bye he stood up a paused. Then he turned and looked at me with his soft little brown eyes had sweetly kissed me before jumping out of the car. It totally took me by surprise but was so wonderful. "Oh thank you. You made my day." I called to him before the attendant shut the door. He flashed me a sweet smile before running into the school. I just has to share my sweet moment.

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Jenny Helm said...

I know what you mean about his tackle-hugs. :) How sweet, Cona!